Thursday, September 17, 2015

Types of Window Tinting Film

Types of Window Tinting Film

1. Decorative films
Decorative tinting is typically done on kid’s bedrooms or similar windows where you want to add some playful decorative item. They are great for dressing up a dull window, and there are many different patterns or styles you can choose from. You can get films with floral designs, leaves, or just simplistic dots or stripes. Decorative films are typically not used much in offices, but they can also be useful in shops to promote your products on windows or similar Decorative Art Glass

2. Frosted films
Frosted films are used for adding privacy to a room. It gives the appearance of a sand-blasted or frosted effect to a window, and it’s often used in conference rooms in offices, or even bathroom windows at home. Frosted window film is a better choice for privacy than regular window tint that only darkens the window, since you can’t see anything clearly through a frosted window even if the light are on inside Decorative glass

3. Anti-graffiti films
This type of tint is typically found on public buildings, banks, shopping malls etc. where there’s potential for vandalism. Removing paint from a glass window can be a difficult and time consuming process so it’s a lot easier to simply remove the window film and replace it with another. Majority of high-quality anti-graffiti window film is easy to remove and replace making it ideal for these types of places etched glass

4. Safety films
Safety films are often applied to windows on storefronts or glass doors to make sure the glass doesn’t hurt anyone when broken or shattered. The tint helps keep the pieces of glass together to ensure it doesn’t cause any cuts in the event an accident happens Safety glass


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