Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Understanding Frosted Glass Doors

Understanding Frosted Glass Doors

A frosted glass door is a style of decorative glass door that uses a translucent glass with etched designs in it. This type of door allows light to come through without having to sacrifice your privacy. As a result, it is ideal for bathroom and closet doors though it is also appropriate in other parts of the house too. A frosted glass door is adaptable to many different places because there are lot styles to choose from. You can this type of door with a wooden frame if you prefer something more classic, or you can get a frameless frosted door if you want the modern, contemporary feel.

A frosted door is created by sandblasting or acid etching a clear sheet of glass. In sandblasting, an abrasive is blasted at the glass to make it translucent. Different shades can be achieved by adjusting the angle and the speed of the sandblasting. A stencil is employed to keep an area from being sandblasted, so that the design is imprinted on the glass. There are many different designs that can be etched on a frosted door and some of them include patterns, borders, letterings, drawings, and many more.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Etched Glass Doors For Interior Beauty

Etched Glass Doors For Interior Beauty

Are you looking for wonderful glass doors for your home or office? In the past, it's always been sturdy, heavy wooden doors that have gotten all the attention; the heavier and more elaborate the wood, the fancier your house was considered to be.

But that has changed as the modern day has dawned, and simplicity and elegance were valued over old-fashioned fanciness. Now, glass doors are more popular than ever, because of their contemporary sophistication and their ability to allow light in everywhere to give a much more open, warmer feel to the atmosphere of a room, house, store, or office.

One type of glass door in particular is the etched glass door, and these etched glass doors are essentially designs created by frosting glass. Frosted glass results in a translucent glass window, which is nice because it allows more privacy without blocking the light.

Translucent frosted glass can be used for showers and office doors-or, if you want to be a bit fancier, you can put designs on the frosted glass and make it into a glass etching, which is truly beautiful and complex.

Glass etchings are usually created by sandblasting glass in several different stages in order to create different depths of translucency if you want a more three dimensional picture (it's somewhat like shading in a drawing, and the results are very beautiful).

Popularly, etched glass is usually made up of a semi-translucent picture with a clear background. This gives the glass a nice, elegant look while still maintaining transparency and allowing plenty of light through.