Monday, October 12, 2015

Glass Etching Made Easy with a Dremel Tool

 Glass Etching Made Easy with a Dremel Tool

Step 1 – Finding the Right Design to Etch
To start with this process, test using various attachments on the practice glass pieces to see which one is most suitable. Attachments are different cutting tools attached to your Dremel cutter that you use to etch designs on glasses. Different attachments might work better with different glass shapes and different stencil patterns. Try out your attachments with your stencils over practice glass pieces to determine your pattern and the attachments Decorative glass

Step 2 – Preparing the Glass
Begin by washing the glass vase or bottle using only water or with mild soap to remove any existing dust particles. After this, tape your stencil pattern around the vase or inside the vase for the design. Alternately, you can also draw the design carefully on the glass that will be etched. Once you understand the whole process you can also do some abstract art on the vase without any pre-defined design Glass Door

Step 3 – Etching with Dremel
Dremel tool makes this task of glass etching very simple. With the use of this tool one can make various designs and transform simple glassware into one-of-a-kind pieces. If you find that it is difficult to work on the glass vase or bottle while holding it, you can try securing it via some heavy cloth and tying it to a work area. This can give more freedom to the working hand. A very important tip for glass etching is that you should always try to etch on glass holding the Dremel tool at the same angle throughout the task. This ensures uniformity in the design and depth Glass Doors

It is best to practice glass etching and using the Dremel on old glass or inexpensive glass items before committing to more expensive glassware. Expect some trial and error while learning. If you have the steady hands, this skill can be turned for profit. You can even start your own home-based business creating custom-made glassware glass projects

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Ideas for Frosted Glass Doors

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Ideas for Frosted Glass Doors

Glass Decals
During winter months and holidays, decorate your frosted glass doors with themed window decals. This is a fun project to explore with your children. You can line your frosted glass windows with snowflake decals, Santa Claus decals, Christmas tree decals and other holiday- or winter-themed window decals. The decals stick on the glass easily and peel off without leaving any residue frameless doors

Install door curtains on frosted glass doors if you do not like the look of frosted glass. You will need to install a curtain bar across the top and bottom of the door and then hang a curtain panel that stretches from the top to the bottom bar. The fabric also can hang loosely on just a single top curtain rod installed at the top of the door Glass Door

Kitchen Frosted Glass
Install frosted glass doors in your kitchen cabinets instead of standard kitchen cabinet doors. This is a way to add a modern yet clean look to your kitchen space. You also may want to consider frosting your own kitchen cabinet glass doors with a frosting spray, which you can buy from a home improvement store or from an online vendor Glass Doors

Frosted Sliding Doors
Install frosted sliding doors in your apartment if you are lacking division in a small space. Frosted sliding doors provide privacy and close off space to a bedroom or changing room while still creating a modern, clean style in your small space Shower Door

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Types of Window Tinting Film

Types of Window Tinting Film

1. Decorative films
Decorative tinting is typically done on kid’s bedrooms or similar windows where you want to add some playful decorative item. They are great for dressing up a dull window, and there are many different patterns or styles you can choose from. You can get films with floral designs, leaves, or just simplistic dots or stripes. Decorative films are typically not used much in offices, but they can also be useful in shops to promote your products on windows or similar Decorative Art Glass

2. Frosted films
Frosted films are used for adding privacy to a room. It gives the appearance of a sand-blasted or frosted effect to a window, and it’s often used in conference rooms in offices, or even bathroom windows at home. Frosted window film is a better choice for privacy than regular window tint that only darkens the window, since you can’t see anything clearly through a frosted window even if the light are on inside Decorative glass

3. Anti-graffiti films
This type of tint is typically found on public buildings, banks, shopping malls etc. where there’s potential for vandalism. Removing paint from a glass window can be a difficult and time consuming process so it’s a lot easier to simply remove the window film and replace it with another. Majority of high-quality anti-graffiti window film is easy to remove and replace making it ideal for these types of places etched glass

4. Safety films
Safety films are often applied to windows on storefronts or glass doors to make sure the glass doesn’t hurt anyone when broken or shattered. The tint helps keep the pieces of glass together to ensure it doesn’t cause any cuts in the event an accident happens Safety glass

Thursday, August 20, 2015

4 Ways to Get Frosted Glass in Your Home

4 Ways to Get Frosted Glass in Your Home

Frosted glass has long been a favorite in the Apartment Therapy community for adding privacy to windows, pattern to glassware, and other customized looks. When going this route, there are a few options Decorative Art Glass

Sandblasting - Unless you have your own sandblaster, this job would be hired out and would be the most expensive of options. It's good for covering large areas.

Etching - Thanks to craft store products like ArtLook Glass, this can be DIY-ed permanently and inexpensively. Good for detailed work but not so good for covering large areas etched glass

Films - Films are a reversible way to the get a frosted look. Good for renters or those who change it up frequently. Covers large areas well Glass Door

Have you had glass frosted or done it yourself using any of these methods (or another we haven't listed here)? Let us know how you did it in the comments below Shower Door