Thursday, August 20, 2015

4 Ways to Get Frosted Glass in Your Home

4 Ways to Get Frosted Glass in Your Home

Frosted glass has long been a favorite in the Apartment Therapy community for adding privacy to windows, pattern to glassware, and other customized looks. When going this route, there are a few options Decorative Art Glass

Sandblasting - Unless you have your own sandblaster, this job would be hired out and would be the most expensive of options. It's good for covering large areas.

Etching - Thanks to craft store products like ArtLook Glass, this can be DIY-ed permanently and inexpensively. Good for detailed work but not so good for covering large areas etched glass

Films - Films are a reversible way to the get a frosted look. Good for renters or those who change it up frequently. Covers large areas well Glass Door

Have you had glass frosted or done it yourself using any of these methods (or another we haven't listed here)? Let us know how you did it in the comments below Shower Door